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Peggy Bergfalk

Let me be the first to say "Go Janet - you can do this, I'll be cheering you on - blog your progress!


I am totally craving Panda Express Orange Chicken tonight, so while reading this should make me stronger, it's only made that craving stronger!

The food thing may be harder than the workout thing. You'll feel good about working out, but I "love" (not) cooking too, so I will pray for you on that one!

You can do it though (just schedule more work lunches!)


Ashton Root

Great Goal Janet! Let me share a little bit about my fitness success. "Slow and steady wins the race". At the beginning of 2008 I weighed 186 lbs. I was not "fat" but certainly not in the best of shape. My goal weight for Dec 31, 2008 was 160 lbs. I "slowly" backed off on soda pop, breads, pasta etc, and "slowly" introduced much more healthy choices into my diet. Have a protein bar instead of the muffin, water instead of soda, skip a snack here and their but have the Panda Orange Chicken (my fav too.) occassionally. I also joined a gym and work out about four times a week but I don't go there to punish myself into fitness. I go there to have a moment of time just for me. I do cardio and lift weights and leave feeling refreshed and stronger. December 31, 2008 rolled around and guess what - 160 lbs! It was easy. Remember "slow and easy", "long term" fitness and health, not a quick fix. My 2009 goal is to actually gain weight, but muscle mass not fat. I will reduce my fat percentage from current 19% to 10%. One last thing to keep in mind- one pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. Good luck!

Belinda Kendall

You go, Girl!
Maybe I will have to call you and go out for lunch again!
At Panera last week we couldn't read your blog on our phones so we were trying to guess what your 209 in 2009 was. We guessed: groups, people in groups, and baptisms! We never thought of workouts! Too spiritual or maybe we didn't want to think about our own!
Love and prayers,


Thanks Ashton. I am finding my workouts to be something I look forward to. I also used to think it only counted if I ran until I felt like I was going to pass out. Now I realized I just have to keep my heart rate in the zone for 40 minutes or so. It is much more enjoyable. I have already been able to increase my weights on the machines. So far, so good. 203 workouts to go.


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