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Don't Be Jealous!! Well we are jealous that we dont get t-shirts so sign us up!

Belinda Kendall

Great story, Janet! We'll take two! Thanks for praying for me and Judy while we were in the Philippines! (We have t-shirts, too!) Gary and I are praying for Restore! The t-shirts will remind us! We'll take a medium and large! Love and prayers, Belinda


okay, next time I am in Olathe I will bring 3, or better yet, I will send them with Luke. Yep, just as I suspected, the coolness runs deep in Olathe.


i'm jealous of the shirt...but i'm gettin' one soon!!

jill Williams

Yep. I AM JEALOUS. Less about the shirt. More about Restore. ugh.


Oh Jill... wish you were here. Your day is coming I am sure of it.


I can't move to KC yet,but can I send the $10.00?

Sheri Burrell

Very cool Janet! I wanted one when I saw them! Now I am gonna get one! Actually 2. One small and one 2xl. I will send you some money. You guys are having too much fun for all the work you are doing! Isn't that the best way to work??

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