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Debbie Haines

I sure hope Jeff doesn't see this entry! :)


Oh no...in his condition, this picture could send him over the edge. Shhhh...it will be our little secret.


Ok, I just showed this to Jeff...then I read the comments! oops! He was ok with it since it's entitled "No, we're not traitors" PLUS the BEARS did beat the CHEIFS this year! PLUS it's great to see your boys! :)


You even transformed your blog to Chiefs colors! You are slowly transforming ...

Sheri Burrell

Now if I remember right, those boys weren't wearing those colors to church Sunday morning... Maybe they are closet Chiefs fans! The way things are going, we will all be closet Chiefs fans before long!! Looks like a great time had by all -


Yep, it's true....shhhh...Troy has been in the closet regarding his Chiefs loyalty for 21 years. He is slowly coming out of the closet..... and yes, my blog is Chiefs colors. AHHHH! What is happening to me?


Good thing they didn't wear blue and orange!

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