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Peggy Bergfalk

You are so not an introvert!!! You forgot one thing -

Painting your entryway a deep red!!! You did it and that makes you a brave extrovert!
Keep up the "God Work" you are doing in K.C.
Love you lots


taht is just plain good stuff. we were talking about destiny in our small group tonight - soul cravings big idea (duh!) - and we talked about what would leave us satisfied at the end of our lives...this is an inspiring question, but your blog nails it. thanks!


Thanks for the encouragement to introverts! Yay you for stepping outside your comfort zone and seeing where God takes you.


YOU? You are not introverted! Janet you may be shy, but you are a wonderful public speaker and a blessing to anyone who knows you.


these colors on your blog tell me you're NOT an introvert--at least when it comes to color

Belinda Kendall

I commnend you Janet! You are a bold Christ follower! Going where no one dare to go except called by God! You are a lion chaser, a woman willing to jump into a pit if the need is to bag a lion as well as a woman willing to stand on the edge of the ledge and to jump if God signals! What a joy to see you go for God! Love and prayers, Belinda

PS I think there was a young man in the New Testament like that!

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