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Nate Williams

I like it. It is realistic, yet aggressive. (Plus, you can always up to 400 a year from now)

eric metcalf

wow! so how many groups are you planning to launch with? if you are launching in March 08, then you must be starting groups this fall - right? so are you launching 10 groups this fall and then 20 in March 08? and then doubling in one year? well, regardless if anyone can pull it off it's the leader guru J-train and her posse!


Knowing how I resisted small groups at first, I would say that is agressive.

But what I was wondering is what percentage of adults are in small groups at CCC? I guess I am saying is, does that mean your goal for overall attendance is agressive?


Anne...yep, I'm thinking 400 people grouped is only a percentage of the attendence on the weekend.

But I am planning my goal independent of the weekend attendence. Of course, I hope some of those people come to the weekend services. But I am focusing on mobilizing leaders who will help lost people find Jesus in their small group.

Eric... I am thinking sept. 07 - turboing 8 leaders, Jan. 08 - 8 small groups launch with the goal of releasing one leader by March, making 16 groups by launch date. Then we add 8 groups by fall of 08, 8 groups by spring of 09 and 8 groups by fall of 09..giving us a total of 40 groups.

whew...I better stop blogging and get busy

alison higgins

Hey I think you can go to sixty by Sept. of 09 especially since I will probably be out there. Hey your planting pregnant right?

Hey, I love you. And I love your team and your dream and I am praying for you guys a ton. I got the opportunity to pray with Josh this week because he was up in lincoln, and hopefully I will be able to get down there in either late October or mid December. We will have to work something out. Let me know what works.

You are awesome!


Alison...I love you too. I will change my goal if you come and intern with us.

Sherry Gossman

400 - no problem. Start right from day one that small groups are where it is at! talk it up, tell them they are missing out if they don't get in a group. you've got a great plan!

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