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Jill Williams

I'm sorry, and I feel for you. I am crying quite a bit lately too. Maybe if we ever get to KC, we can cry together. ;-)


Now we're all crying here in the office! We miss you too, Janet. We'll just have to bring some Chicago to you. Don't you need a Kids' City consult already? :)

Sherry Gossman

You know I have been there Janet! I am praying for you. Just wait till that new church gets going and you see all that life change. You know that it will all be worth it. I might just have to come down and visit you soon!!


it's a perfectly natural reaction to a loss--& altho this is a positive move--it's still a loss

it'll stop when it's supposed to

be grateful your emotions are normal


Maybe it's time to get that dog?! We took the plunge last week and there is nothing quite like a cuddly, furry, creature who loves you like you are the greatest thing in the world to make you feel better. wish I could give you a hug! Sure am missing you!


Hi Janet, it must be so hard! I pray that God will comfort you during this time of grieving and adjustment. He already knows who your friends are going to be... who you'll be doing life with in small group...whose lives will be transformed because you guys stepped out in faith and were obedient to His call! He won't leave you alone! Sending hugs, pam


You made me teary... Remember that God is going to do something wonderful. Also remember that it is okay to grieve. Also remember that many good friends are but just a phone call away.
I am praying for comfort for you and Troy and all the kids during this difficult transition time.
Also, I bet you will find you don't miss the easy bake oven so much come holiday time!!!
Make some new memories...
Ahh heck, we miss you Janet!


Hey Janet! Good news! We're going to steal Kirsten's new dog and bring it down to you.
-Bill & Rachel


Bill and Rachel--you might want to rethink that. She pooped in the house today--not the kind of behavior that would do much to lift Janet's spirits!


I love you guys. Thanks for the many words of encouragement. Joy and grief go hand in hand sometimes. hmmm...do guniea pigs work like dogs in the whole cheering up thing?


Okay, this is your sister so full of mercy. Remember this is a birthday party compared to India. Keep your chin up, afterall you live close to me.

Scott Cottingham

But you look so happy in the picture on your blog ;)

I miss you bunches and look forward to seeing you and your family when we come to visit you!

Much love!


I miss you too, Janet. Seems to me that Barry Manilow might have a song to match these feelings. Wish we could have a tea or coffee in the cafe together. Say, I really need your new phone number and address. Sending my love and hugs.


do guinea pigs work like dogs?


maybe if the dog was really small & you taught it to run on a wheel?

or maybe if the guinea pig could be taught to wag its tail & play fetch?

but even if the guinea pig could play fetch...

does a guinea pig even have a tail?

i think tail wagging is really high up on the cheering up scale

Mary Yep

I miss you too. really bad. i hate goodbyes, but know that you and Troy are truly apostles and you'll be writing us soon about how good God is to give you that special friend!

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