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Peggy Bergfalk

Okay - you are going to hate me for this one - I remember my youngest daughter being totally disgusted with the "it" conversation when we had it. You are doing an awesome job with Judiann about "it" - where were you when I needed help way back then - oh that's right - you were the one I was trying my best to explain it to!!!! Mom

Mary Yep

That brings back memories! When I told Steph, she covered her face with her hands for the whole conversation. When we finished talking (pretty much ME talking) she walked out of the room with her hands over her face and went to bed. I still don't think she got over it! Too funny!


I love that she asked about David & Julie & Shawn & Lindsey. That is just hilarious. Please write a book for Bill & I. You guys are GREAT parents!


I know Mom, I remember...you did a great job! That is why I know how to handle it all with Judiann...cause you paved the way for healthy conversation on the topic.

Mary Yep

by the way, why is it that YOU are telling all 3 of your kids and not Troy?
Does he not know "the secret" yet? Or is he just chicken?


his version the "the secret" may be different then mine :) Actually he was a part of the only planned conversation. The others were impromptu, so I seized the moment.


lol, good for you. I think I was terrified because my mom said "We need to talk" and I thought I was in trouble. I got through the talk though with only a bit of trauma.

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