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Peggy Bergfalk

Okay - this is your mother - full of much more mercy than your sister Judy!!! Love those smiles - and I hope you will be able to ENDURE living so close to "sister Judy"! What does she mean a "birthday party" - did she accept the invite to the party of unpacking boxes??? NOOOOOO - Oh that's right - gotta give her credit for helping paint! Keep smilin Jan - one day you'll wake up and the boxes will be gone!


well...the birthday party comment was because when I was in India having my meltdown, culture shock, freakout moment...I said to Judy, "church planting seems like a birthday party compared to this."


I've been following your adventure with joy and admiration. Thanks for sharing your heart as you step out for God in KC. Praying for the McMahons and missing you too.

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