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This is wonderful!!

And on 7/27 you wondered when the crying would stop?

You recorded the answer--it stopped after 2 days.

I'm glad for the people who've come to you.


God's surprising gifts are never a surprise to him, just to us.


Janet....Ok so I feel really bad that we haven't been over to see you all. I need directions to the house and your home number (if you have one) and we come see you. You listed some cool churches and one in particular jumped out at me. Good Shephard has a great preschool program. That is where we sent Dalton and he loved it. You might mention that to Jill when she gets here. Anyway....can't wait to meet the boys.....ring me if you need me.....222-4679....Deb

Belinda Kendall

Can't wait to come over and sit in one of those chairs!
However I am on my way to India tomorrow! Please pray for us! You know where we will be headed!
Pray for Luke and Kristen as they are really suffering for Jesus in China!
Love you are here in KC! We will have to get caught up sometime!

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