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I guess the number of hits depends on the frequency of posts.

You both are anointed, and while I am excited to see what you will be doing in KC, I will miss you both.

I was blessed to have ever met you (and Troy did our wedding it was AWESOMEST EVER!)


Hey Janet-
First off I think you might be funnier but we will have to see...

Second- I still don't see how KC is ready for God to come in and tear it up with your team. You and Troy are incredible and I love you ton. I have been getting a lot of opportunity to connect with your team and it makes me want to come out to KC even more. I hope I get the chance.


Thanks for being Jesus to me and impacting my life.

Katrina Pelters

Janet, A You are way funnier. And B, yea Troy is anoited. Thanks for going to KC and for being so amazing!!


Allison...as I am searching for houses, I am thinking about a house with a guest room just for you. Remember when I thought you should move into my basement in Naperville? I think you were in 4th grade, and I wanted you to join my family. Love you too!!

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