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luke Kendall

Janet-I am completely speechless, I made your blog (okay it wasn't a total surprised) it is cool. I am glad to know that you guys liked me, even though my house did sell on the first showing. I enjoyed my time with all of your family. This is truly a weekend I will look back and remember in my journey. Thanks again for everything and I will be back soon.

Debbie Haines

I have always wondered what the technical name for the baptismal used at NNHS was called. Now I know! If for some reason, I were to forget to say it when I see you in person next time, thank you for bringing Mary Yep and me together a year ago (yes, we're having our 1 yr anniversary of Christian Conversations w/Mary and Debbie at the Devonshire next month!) Ministering to our friends there has been a blessing to us! And we often wonder ,,, when one day we find ourselves at a similar facility, will the piped in/elevator music be Bon Jovi and The Rolling Stones as opposed to Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra tunes? :)

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