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Peggy Bergfalk

Okay, ignore the fact that this is one of Jake's grandmas speaking - but everyone out there has to agree with my comments, I just know they will - "this is the most handsome high school kid to hit the K.C. area in years" - Jake you are such a cutie - love and kisses - Grandma Bergie


Wow, you couldn't have done a better job with a computer predicting what you and Troy's child would look like! I see so much of both of you in him. God will outdo a computer anyday!
I was expecting your easy bake oven to be pink.


Actually, Shelley the original color of the easy bake oven was avocado green. I painted it with high temperature engine paint. But pink is a really good idea...hmmm...I could follow the example set by my sister.

Tommy B

I'm predicting that his first day of school in KC, he'll be hearing whispers behind him from the girls saying..."who's the new guy?"

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