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Aw drat, I would go if it wasn't Monday night. That's one night I can't get off in the evening.

I did start reading the bible today with intention of reading it all through and I am in very early Genesis. We'll see if I get through it this time when I hit about Leviticus.

Good luck with you finishing yours in the 12 days. With that I will stop commenting so you can get back to the reading.



Thanks for the kind words. I am REALLY excited about helping people on this 90 Day Bible journey.

Keep reading. You're almost finished!

Ted Cooper Jr.


One thing that might help you catch up is to LISTEN WHILE YOU READ. You can log on to our non-profit organization's website and hear the Word as you follow along in your daily reading. You'll find this at:

Hope this helps.

Ted Cooper Jr.
Founder, Bible in 90 Days



How cool to hear from you on my blog. Thank you for creating the 90 day Bible. The system you put in place inspired me to "just do it" and it has been a huge blessing in my life. Thanks for using your gifts to create a plan that can really work for people.

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