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Suzie Reeves

Troy has always been like a big Teddy Bear to me...so there you go! :)


Wow, that is a good one Janet. I agree with Suzie, Troy may look all big and tough like a bear, but he is soft and strong at the same time.
Otherwise, I was thinking that Troy would probably be an action figure of some sort. I am not sure exactly which, I would have to stroll the isles.
Janet, you would be Wonder Woman. But I don't think the kids know her. She was the superhero I wanted to be growing up, I had her underoos. Do the kids today have a strong female figure to love like I had Wonder Woman? I feel so out of touch.

What a great, fun, small group activity! Kudos to whomever came up with the idea!


Oh, Janet I have always thought you looked like Snow White. So I think one of the Disney princess dolls of Snow White would be perfect for you. Afterall, you are a daughter of the "Most High King." For Troy,I am thinking Buzz Lightyear, you know, thinking he has super powers, but finds out later he is just a toy. Love you Troy


oh my...we are laughing outloud at the buzz lightyear comment! Perfect.

Eric Bramlett

I'm going to go with Stretch Armstrong for Troy. Especially after he manhandled me in tonight's performance of "You Can't Take it With You..."

Shari Martin

Do any of your kids' personalities or abilities match up very well with the Incredible kids? Perhaps the entire McMahon family could be represented by The Incredibles!

Jackaway (the un-intern)

i am saying that troy is in fact an action figure. but not just any action figure--he is the ultimate of all action figures: He-Man. He is the master of the (community christian) universe!! thats what im saying.

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