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Tammy Melchien

I missed you. Welcome back.

Sherry Gossman

Yes I missed you! You forgot to add that you have been editing the Big Idea guide so Sherry can get it done :)


I missed you Janet! I know you're busy but let me urge you keep reading the 90 day and get out there and run! You'll be glad you did.

Rachel C

Yes you were missed!


Glad to have you back, good to know you weren't sick and you were on vacation a little. Take your time, think of something to say, and your readers will be waiting.


Yes! I totally missed you. When I don't see you blogging, and I don't run into you at church, I am Janet deprived! I know that you get busy with life, and it is ok, I forgive you and still love you.
I wouldn't worry about the witch thing, its not that big of a deal, and actually a pretty neat costume to a kid. You are wise to choose your battles.
Oh, and I moved my blog so feel free to find me at my new place.

Peggy Bergfalk

Missed you? Of course I did. There are three women in my life that I miss everyday of my life and that would be you and your sisters!!!!! Judi had to be the cutest witch ever! Love you mom


You betterstop thinking about running and get out there and run. The "McSturman's" will be running in the Thanksgiving 5K, however, walking is acceptable,I guess. But just keep in mind, only whimps walk. HA HA! Can't wait to see you guys.


Thanks for all your fun responses...I feel loved.


I did!Even Though I don't blog every day.

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