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Peggy Bergfalk

Oh my gosh - it's so good to see the team - here you go ladies - on this incrediable adventure with Jesus that will change the lives of many women in India as well as all of you! Having fun at the lake - we prayed around fire ring and Janet you boys prayed such precious prayers for you and the rest of the team. We look forward to hearing from you and how God is using you. Mom


I am so glad to hear how the feeling is peaceful for the trip, as that helps so much. Thank you for the pic, its nice to see you all together. Its great to hear how much drama the family had, if there wasn't any crying it would mean they would not miss you. You are so blessed! Now go be a blessing in India. God be with you.


You go girl. The family is having a great time in MN. Catching fish, swimming and playing barbies. I love you very much.

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