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Hey Mom, its Jake. I miss you so much. Its been fun here at the lake. We rented a Jet Ski today and I got to drive "safely" 55 mph. It was a blast. I hope you are doing great in India. Stay well and I hope the food and you are getting along. I really want God to help you speak to these women. We are praying for you everyday. Keep blogging to us. I love you!!!

Tammy Melchien

Janet, I get so excited everytime I see a post on your blog! I'm going to pray for you as I go to bed tonight knowing you might be speaking at this moment. How cool!


Janet, "For such a time as this." I know you will speak God's word from your heart. I pray that it leaves a lasting impact well beyond this conference. I am so proud of you. I love you.


Janet, you continue to be an inspiration to me. God bless you and all of the women on your trip. My prayers are for your safety and effectiveness!


It does sound exciting, though the mention of spicy food makes me thank God for Prilosec

Have a continuing safe and fruitful trip


'Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.' I'm praying this for you and the whole team!


Janet, I am so thankful for your posts. It makes me feel closer to Judy, Belinda and the rest of you girls. Keep on keeping on. Thanks for your obedience and passion for the One and Only. I will be praying for all your loved ones and that you all will feel a peace about being away for a short while longer. I am thinking of each of your returns and how exciting it will be to hug your families. That thought leads me to what it will be like when we go "home" and how excited our King will be to hug and love us!! More than I can imagine.

In His Grip -

Stacey Forand

I enjoy keeping up with your journey. I love seeing how God is at work near and far. This is a growing experience for all of us. Thanks for sharing. See you soon. Continued Blessings, Stacey

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