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Terrence Seamon


3.) Show them what you mean by your example

Great blog!



Terry...you are so right. Be an example. I just knew there was a #3. Thanks for your comment.

Jackaway (the un-intern)

good stuff Janet! keep it coming.

also, my body felt like it had been hit with a truck after my typhoid shot. not pleasant at all. luckily I am a big sissy, so you probably handled it better than I.


I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who felt yucky after a typhoid shot. If Josh, who is really very tough, felt bad then...well, me feeling bad, that is just plain understandable.


I remember how my small stint as a leader at work failed due to lack of instruction and the fact that I was not really given any power. I felt like all they wanted was someone to make the schedule. Hopefully leaders will know that they do more than just make the schedule. God Bless.

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