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Peggy Bergfalk

We are with you on all of the above Janet!!!! What you and Judy and rest of the team are doing has impacted our prayer life and our eternal perspective
in many ways!


The ripple effect is cool. God does stuff and lots of people feel the impact.


Janet, Judy is a dear, dear friend of mine. I have actually stayed at your house April '05 when we came to the Breathe Conf at Willowcreek. Anyway, I am always reminded of Isaiah 6:8 when people I know "go" for the Lord. "I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Who will go for me? Whom shall I send?' And I said, Here am I. Send me." Well, here you wonderful women are, most of who I worship with regularly, ready to "go" tomorrow. So to all of you WWM, go and GO BIG! May the Lord bless you with peace, safety, fun, a deep, deep sense of His presence and pure joy because you love Him so! Can't wait to read the updates! In His grip - Sheri


I too have been changed by your experience. I have never before prayed for the women of India. For the first time I have prayed for these women knowing that God knows their names, He sees their faces, He knows the circumstances they must go thru in order to come and be ministered to by this team of women. I have prayed for their families and their friends, that God will open their hearts and souls to Him by the changes God makes in the lives of these women. My heart aches for the women of India to understand their value to God and His unchanging love for them. What an absolute privilage to be part of God at work in India. I am praying for each member of your team to be saturated with the Holy Spirit and that each of you will recognize the end of yourself and God's sufficiency for all He has for you to do. I am traveling with you in spirit. I will be with you each day and will be awaiting your updates. Love to you all. Lori


Thanks Lori and Sheri for your prayers! I feel them. I can't wait to meet the whole team tomorrow morning.

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