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Chris Mattix

Great job! Looking forward to reading more about it and seeing what 2014 holds! Chris

Mike Hart

That is actually amazing. So I know you succeded, But I am most curious about what you learned or observed gained from the experience. I expect a well written 1,000 word essay. My guess is that you were no less happy and that you likley appreciated the gifts and kindnesses of others more (just surmise on my part). What about candy, coffee and snacks, did those count. You are an admirable gal J.

Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect

Yay! I've been hoping for an update!! And now I'm DYING to know what this year's challenge is!!! (Which reminds me just how long it's been since we have had the chance to sit down and have a real conversation. Blergh! Time! Flying!) Anyway, I have so loved seeing your journey this past year and have been so inspired by it. Thank you for sharing parts of it with us here!!

Jenna Unruh

I would also be excited to learn if there are things you/your family will change in the coming year due to your experience? Look forward to hearing your new idea.

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